Circle President : - Sukhtej Singh, Assistant Supdt Posts, Amritsar Sub Division, Amritsar 9463004921;

Circle Secretary :- Vikas Sharma, Assistant Supdt Posts, Ropar Sub Division, Ropar 9417226661;

Circle Treasurer :- Gaurav Nagi, Inspector Post (PMU) Punjab Circle Chandigarh (M) 09876581559

Thursday, March 27, 2014


The bubble of euphoria that is making disturbingly large number amongst few IP/ASPs needs to be pierced before it is too late. And, I consider it my duty to perform this task. In the recent past, no doubt, some of our IP cadre officials got the chair of DPS showing lollipop for others to follow. Now every young IP is showing extra flattery to the officers at the helm of affairs that too at the cost and hurting sentiments of their seniors for personal cheap gain forgetting that one day they have to first occupy the same seat their senior are presently holding.Resultantly even the promotion avenues of Inspectors to ASP cadres have been blocked for want of reversal of orders of mandatory RMS experience and vice versa by the Directorate, what to talk of other demands like GP or Cadre restructuring. Punjab Circle has repeatedly alarmed association and its members not to allow history to repeat itself but unfortunately history has been allowed to repeat itself. This time again our pay scale issue will be allowed to refer to 7th pay commission rather than fighting with true spirit. Reason being ours is a divided house and are interested in personal gains to settle ego. As far as our association is concerned it is not playing the game to win being it not having a team to play and captain being dependent on others which is a de-motivating factor.
The present system of direct recruitment in IP cadre has failed miserably as at present a major chunk of aspirants are exploring options other than Inspector Posts due to wrong doings of administration including GP issue, thereby, opening doors for disinterested officials who work in compulsion and frustration.What is gained by the Deptt by posting IPs (especially Directt Rectts) as a Complaint Inspector is anybody’s guess. Similar is the case with the successful LDCE Gr B officers, they are being posted at CO/RO level or at GPO/Gazetted HO level. A young energetic commandant is trained to fight at the front of the battle field and usually he is posted as such. But it is inversely in DOP, where this young brigade is carried/taken care of like a little ward on a lap, thus, defeating the very purpose for which they have competed/trained. Does this mean they were selected as fighters but they themselves ended as spectators and are enjoying the warmthness under the shadow of RO/CO/Gazetted HOs. What does the Department wants to extract from them is also anyone’s guess. Persons, who were supposed to play in the battlefield, have been made to work as per the whims and fancies of their seniors come what may because their eye is concentrating at the chair of Director. The administration do obliges them by posting on the key posts to watch their interest and harm the interest of officers working in the fields. Such staunch officers are rewarded while the hard worker is treated like a criminal. It is unfortunate for the cadre and department too. Time is not far when department will collapse under the guise of these so called flattery ambience. Think when department is not there, where this back bone will go. Be united.


Balbir Singh Kaushal said...

By posting the officials (emerging from competetive environment) in the CO/RO/Gazetted HOs and Complaint Inspectors, Talent is being unnecessarily waisted by the Deptt. In INDIA, person is never posted on the seat to which it deserves. Right person should be posted at a right place.

postalinspectorpanjab said...

I fully agree with the views of Mr Balbir.