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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Kudos to Mr. Harimohan ji ex-cs Punjab, Mr Suresh ji ex-President CHQ, Mr Vilas Ingle, GS, CHQ and Mr Parmanand ji, who pioneered and steered the ship of GP issue to its logical end !!!

It’s all the courageous acts of our stalwarts (both ex & present), who supported the GP issue through thick and thin.
  • Be it the matter of support/motivation/encouragement provided by Punjab Circle particularly Mr Harimohan ji/Suresh ji to Mr Parmanand ji to pursue the matter through legal recourse.
  • Be it the time to time reply / data preparation for arguments in CAT Case before the Ernakulam Bench.
  • Be it the issue of filing another CAT case with support of Kerala Circle particularly Ajit Kurian and our CHQ warriors.  
  • Be it the tireless efforts of Mr Harimohan ji in providing continuous material facts/motivational backups against every issue raised and keeping the flame burning at the top.
  • Be it the amount donated by our generous comrades for fighting the issue.
  • Be it the Committee constituted at AIC Ahmedabad under dynamic leadership of Mr Suresh ji, Ex-President CHQ.
  • Be it the spade work and indepth analytical preparation of Memorandum (PPT as well) for submission before 7th CPC on behalf of IP/ASP cadre, by the said Committee.
  • Be it a candid discussion by Mr Vilas Ingle’s with CPC members in a meeting at Mumbai with ample support of alike warriors from TN and Maharashtra Circle.
  • Be it Mr Rattan Chand CS HP Circle meeting with CPC members at Shimla and such like meetings held at various places.
Congratulations to all comrades, who worked tirelessly both upfront and behind the scenes in support of this Grade Pay issue. GP issue being the burning issue was largely discussed in each circle. Congratulations to all those who participated in it. At last, what we fought for, have been recommended by the 7th CPC. Hike of Rs.600/- to Gr B, Hike of Rs.200/- to ASP, Hike of Rs.400/- to IP cadre at entry level. Most significantly, pay parity with Inspectors of CBEC/CBDT.

Comrades, acceptance of Government is still required. Hopefully it would be accepted without any hitch. Now what essentially required is the date of implementation, which must be, in any manner, 1st January 2006 and nothing less than it.   


Sandeep Kumar Shorie ASPO South Dn. Ludhiana said...

Really its a matter of Kudos to Mr. Harimohan ji ex-cs Punjab, Mr Suresh ji ex-President CHQ, Mr Vilas Ingle, GS, CHQ and Mr Parmanand ji

This is a great success......

sunil Kumar ASP Punjab Circle said...

The relentless efforts of the members/ex members of assoiciation brought the fruitful results. Really , Harimohan ji,Suresh ji, Vilasji, Ajit kurian and Parmanand ji deserve congrats from us.