Circle President : - Sukhtej Singh, Assistant Supdt Posts, Amritsar Sub Division, Amritsar 9463004921;

Circle Secretary :- Vikas Sharma, Assistant Supdt Posts, Ropar Sub Division, Ropar 9417226661;

Circle Treasurer :- Gaurav Nagi, Inspector Post (PMU) Punjab Circle Chandigarh (M) 09876581559

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Agenda items

No A/18-01 dated at Chandigarh the 05.01.2018

                The Chief Postmaster General
                Punjab Circle

Agenda items for meeting with CPMG Punjab Circle

1.                   Practical Difficulties in conducting Cent Percent verification of Accounts:

                Practical difficulties are being faced while carrying out Cent percent verifications of balances of SB/RD/TD/SSA/PPF/PLI/RPLI etc at SO level. The Sub Divisional Heads are being compelled to carry out CPV with the SS Books and SB 3 cards available at BOs/SOs, which are very hectic and not authenticated. Following issues are being faced under Core Banking Solution:

a.            Other SOL depositors are doing transactions in the office which is under verifications.
b.            Depositors of that office have done transactions in other SOL office.
c.            Pass books are not mandatory for SOs & HOs and carrying out the CPV will be futile.
d.            Present Address not updated hence a large number of SB 46 needs to issued out of which most of the SB-46 received returned back due to incomplete of wrong addresses.
In view of the above, it is very difficult and not practicable to complete the CPV. It is therefore requested to either discontinue the clause of Cent Percent verification or modify the methodology of CPV conducive to CBS environment. It is further suggested that date of last transaction with balance may be informed to the depositor via mobile message and in the event of discrepancy, if any, he/she may contact concerned  post  office / Sub  Divisional  Head within a prescribed period and also with a caution that failing which, the informed balance would be treated as final. 

2.            Preparation & Circulation of Circle Gradation list of IPs/ASPs of Punjab Circle (corrected upto 01.07.2017).

                Association brings to your kind notice that issuance of fresh CGL of IPs/ASPs corrected up to 01.07.2017 is due. Association urges Administration to look into the matter and cause its preparation/circulation amongst all concerned.

3.            Convening of DPC for regular promotion to ASP.

                Association urges Administration to arrange to convene Departmental Promotion Committee for regular promotion of IPs to ASP cadre. Since there is no incumbent of ST category in the feeder cadre, thus, posts reserved under ST quota have remained unfilled for years together. Therefore it is requested to examine the issue and cause de-reservation of ST quota vacancies to some other category, so that the vacancy may no longer remain unfilled.

4.            Difficulties in continuance of stop gap arrangements:

The process of online recruitment of GDS has not yet been materialized. The work of vacant posts is being manned through substitutes on stop gap engagements. In the backdrop of flagship projects of Government such as CSI, IPPB and RICT, there is dire need to have regularly selected GDS at appropriate place for its implementation and achievement of targets. The continuance of present stop gap arrangements  is  fraught  with  risk  of  litigation and  frauds,  for  which  recovery  and  fixing responsibility will   be   extremely   difficult. It is therefore requested to finalize the recruitment process at earliest so that work related with rural lines may be streamlined.
[Balbir Singh Kaushal]
Circle Secretary 

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